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Frequently Asked Questions

It is free to advertise your CHEFY profile throughout November 2020. From December 2020, it is £5 per month to advertise your CHEFY profile.

No. It is £5 per month to advertise your CHEFY profile. There is no ongoing contract. If you wish to continue for the following month, just let us know - and your profile advert remains in place. If you want to discontinue, that's fine too But, please let us know if you wish to continue. If we don't hear from you three days before the start of the month, your profile becomes inactive until you pick it up again.

Yes. If you would like to pay for 12 concurrent months, it will cost you £50. This saves you £10 over the year to run your CHEFY profile advert.

You can change (or retain) the meals you offer with your CHEFY profile each month. Just let us know 3 days before each month starts if you want to change the meals you offer.

There is no commission charge because the contract is between you and your customer. If, for example, you advertise a beef stew meal for £8, that is what the customer pays you directly when s/he contacts you. Remember, the contract is between you and your customer. We do not get involved. As a result, we do not charge you a commission fee.

Of course. If you find you only want to make breakfasts then this can be made clear on your profile page. If you prefer to only provide your customers with evening meals, the same principle applies. It's entirely up to you. Just make it clear on your CHEFY profile page advert so your potential customers understand this.


Increase Your Chefy Circle

ONCE you start creating great meals for your CHEFY 'friends & family' circle, you can increase the amount of meals you make by promoting yourself on your social media.

Even though it's not their full time job, local people like you join CHEFY to increase their social circle of 'friends & family' and to make money.

Every CHEFY loves to use their spare time cooking great food.

Share on your 'socials' to get an ever increasing CHEFY circle.