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IF you find you have some time on your hands and would love to get paid to cook for a new circle of 'friends & family', join CHEFY today.

It's a great way to share your culinary expertise.

And you keep 100% of the price you charge for the meals you cook.

You can cook breakfasts, lunches, dinners or teas. You can bake cakes! You can sell your pickles, jams or honey!

It's totally free to join throughout November 2020.

If you want to continue to advertise your CHEFY profile after that, you only pay £5 per month.

And, best of all, there is no contract that ties you to a certain amount of months.

You just pay £5 per month.

It's that easy.



FIRST, choose your local area.

By the way, the area you choose does not restrict users seeing your profile from outside your chosen area.

This is because it is common for a user to work in a different area to where s/he lives.

A resident of Stockton Heath might, for example, work in Runcorn. As a result, the user will be drawn to your page outside of their own home area.


NEXT, provide us with your photographs of the seven meals you wish to advertise in any month.

Better quality photographs do make your meals more enticing.

You don't need a fancy camera to capture great photographs.

The camera on your mobile phone is certainly good enough.


THEN, provide text of the ingredients you use and brief information how your meal is cooked.

Additionally, information such as whether you prefer 'collection' only, or if you offer delivery is important. Though, you can clarify all this when the user contacts you directly.

LET us know which email address and telephone number you wish to include on your page so the user can contact you directly. This means you keep all the money you charge for your meal. We do not take any money from you. It's all yours! You can offer up to seven different meals each month.

As an introduction, CHEFY is free to join for the whole of November 2020.

If you wish to continue advertising your profile on CHEFY, there is a £5 fee per month from December 2020. There is no 'contract' that ties you to a minimum amount of months. You simply let us know if you want to advertise in the upcoming month. That's it. It's that simple. You only pay £5 for any month you wish to appear.  Simply state which month you'd like to run your CHEFY advert with the other information and images listed above.

Finally, ensure you read and accept our T&C's stating you are fully responsible for the quality and accuaracy of the meals you provide.


Tell Friends & Family

ONCE you start creating great meals for your CHEFY 'friends & family', you can increase the amount of meals you make by promoting yourself on your social media.

Even though it's not their full time job, local people like you join CHEFY to increase their social circle of 'friends & family' and to make money.

Every CHEFY loves to use their spare time cooking great food.


Share on your 'socials' to get an ever increasing CHEFY circle.