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Grab A Chefy

WHEN planning your busy day, why not ask a CHEFY to prepare a delicious home cooked meal ready for you to collect at your conveinience?

This could be as you return from a long day at work. Or, after a trip out visiting friends and family.

Just 'GRAB A CHEFY' to make your life easier.

Your chosen CHEFY becomes part of your inner circle of making meals for you whilst you are out for the day.

It's a simple as browsing your area to find a great CHEFY - and contacting them directly to arrange when you want to collect your delicious meal.

Social Chefy


ALL of the CHEFY's advertised here cook from home, creating delicious meals for your new circle of CHEFY 'friends & family'.

Connect with them by area and have fabulous home cooked meals created for you that you can collect when convenient. Or ask about delivery.

It certainly beats ordering yet another bland and expensive takeaway - and trying to get it delivered at a convenient time.

CHEFY can provide you with breakfasts, lunch and evening meals to suit your lifestyle.

You can even ask your chosen CHEFY about delivery. Many will offer this.

Become A Chefy

IF you find you have some time on your hands and would love to cook for a new circle, why not join CHEFY?

More and more people are joining CHEFY to increase their social circle of 'friends & family'.

It's a great way to earn money doing what you love from home.



Share on your 'socials' to get an ever increasing CHEFY circle.